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3-way flanged valve, PN 16


3-way flanged valve, PN 16

How energy efficiency is improved

Efficient use in continuous control systems


  • Continuous control of cold and hot water in closed circuits

  • Water quality as per VDI 2035

  • In combination with valve actuators AVM 322(S), AVM 234S and AVF 234S as control unit

  • Not suitable for drinking water

  • Valve with flange connection as per EN 1092-2, seal form B

  • Regulating valve, free of silicone grease, painted black

  • Equal-percentage control passage characteristic, can be set with SUT (SAUTER Universal Technology) valve actuators to linear or quadratic

  • Mixing passage, linear characteristic

  • The control passage is closed when the spindle is moved out

  • Used as control valve or as distribution valve

  • Valve body with seat made of grey cast iron

  • Spindle and plug made of stainless steel; plug with metal-to-metal seal

  • Stuffing box made of stainless steel with wiper ring and double O-ring seal made of EPDM

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