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Rotary actuator with positioner

ADM 322S

Rotary actuator with positioner

How energy efficiency is improved

Best operating convenience, precision activation and high energy efficiency with minimal operating noise.


  • For operating control units such as control valves, butterfly valves etc.

  • For controllers with a continuous output

  • 15 Nm nominal torque and holding torque

  • ADM322SF122: Synchronous motor with electronic control unit and load-dependent cut-off

  • ADM322SF152: Brushless DC motor with SUT (SAUTER Universal Technology) electronic control unit and electronic, load-dependent cut-off

  • Low operating noise

  • Automatic recognition of applied control signal

  • With the built-in absolute distance measurement system, the position is always maintained in the case of power failure

  • The direction of operation, running time and control signal (voltage/current) can be adjusted via coding switches

  • High-speed variant ADM322SF152 with 30 s or 60 s for angle of rotation 90°

  • Gear unit can be disengaged for manual adjustment

  • Easy re-initialisation using a coding switch

  • Electrical parallel operation of up to five actuators possible

  • Numerous adapters enable the unit to be fitted onto defined non-SAUTER control valves

  • ADM322SF152: Integrated forced operation can be set via coding switches (with selectable direction of operation)

  • Maintenance-free gearbox made of plastic and steel, and gearbox base-plates made of steel

  • Mounting columns made of aluminium

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