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Room transducer, CO2, surface-mounted

EGQ 220, 222

Room transducer, CO<sub data-lazy-src=

How energy efficiency is improved

Measuring the CO2 concentration for energy-efficient control of the room climatep>


  • Selective measurement of the CO2 concentration for demand-controlled ventilation of rooms (e.g. meeting rooms, conference rooms, offices, classrooms, etc.)

  • Available in 2 versions: With and without temperature measurement

  • CO2 measurement with NDIR Dual-beam technology, therefore stable in the long term and largely resistant to external influences

  • Suitable for 24-hour operation

  • Calibrated ex works and ready to use immediately

  • Very fast response to changes in the CO2 concentration in rooms

  • Temperature-compensated calibration for the standard air pressure of 1013 mbar

  • The sensors have been developed according to the DIN EN 13779, DIN EN 15251, VDI 6038 and 6040 directives

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