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Pneumatic room-pressure controllers

RLP100F901, F915, F924

Pneumatic room-pressure controllers

How energy efficiency is improved

Allows precise measurement and control of pressure differences in clean rooms or laboratories without creating additional pressure equalisation openings leading to unnecessary energy losses


  • Suitable for explosion hazard zone 1 II 2 G T6

  • Room-pressure control in tightly-sealed rooms, e.g. clean rooms or laboratories (up to BSL-4)

  • Fast and accurate control system in conjunction with the RLP 100 pneumatic air volume controllers

  • Accurate static sensor; can also be used in areas with contaminated air

  • Conformity tested as per EN 13463-1 and EN 1127-1 (ex zone 1 II 2 G T6)

  • Front plate is printed with diagrams for easy identification of the controller’s functions

  • Compressed-air connections with Rp⅛” female thread

  • Special measuring connection for detecting the room pressure

  • Low-pressure connections with dual-diameter connector for soft plastic tubing (internal Ø 4 and 6 mm)

  • 1 input

    • Remote setpoint adjustment

  • 2 outputs

    • Actual value for room pressure

    • Command signal for air-volume controller (air volume shift)

  • Setpoint adjuster for room pressure (minimal limitation for room pressure for setpoint remote adjustment) and adjuster for Tn and Xp

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