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Local operating unit, modu840

EY-OP 840

Local operating unit, modu840

How energy efficiency is improved

SAUTER EY-modulo 5 technology: modular, fast and universal


  • Part of the SAUTER EY-modulo 5 system family

  • Plug-in element for extending the modu524/modu525 automation stations (AS)

  • Local operating and display unit for direct local and manual operation of the AS

  • Intuitive single-button operation (using the “turn and press” method)

  • Graphic display with various font sets and types

  • Menu-led navigation with user login for operation rights

  • Visualisation of information with structured installation display

  • Two LED indicators for installation alarm and function status

  • Displays objects, alarms and other information

  • Choice of four languages

  • Can be fitted remotely (using accessories) in cabinet

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