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Digital Services – Customer Portal

YCS 472, 474

Digital Services – Customer Portal

SAUTER Customer Portal: Single information platform for seamless interactions and efficient customer service

The SAUTER Customer Portal offers customers a uniform information platform with essential building information and contact data. This gives asset and service managers a comprehensive, consolidated, high-level overview of information such as room utilisation, energy consumption, CO2 emissions, system statuses, operating costs and service information for their buildings and properties.

In addition, customer-relevant documents concerning the building, such as licences, subscriptions and maintenance contracts, can be displayed in the dashboard of the Customer Portal.
In conjunction with SAUTER Remote Management, it takes the customer directly to the local systems in order to use detailed information, specific settings and the local building management system with all its functions.


  • Customer dashboards with information widgets about the building location, room comfort, CO2 emissions, energy consumption, room utilisation, building capacity and room capacity

  • KPI widgets for key figures and trends

  • Information about contracts and services, such as licenses and maintenance contracts

  • Display of higher-level alarms and messages

  • Creation of maintenance schedules with status indicator (planned, in progress and completed)

  • Provision of service reports and system analyses as well as maintenance and refurbishment proposals

  • Customer- and system-specific optimisation proposals

  • Link to SAUTER Remote Management

The features described can be implemented by the SAUTER service departments using the Customer Portal. The scope of functions is completely flexible, depending on the service package offered and agreed with the customer.

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