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Sash sensor

SGU 100

Sash sensor

How energy efficiency is improved

Together with ASV115CF152, the VAV compact controller for critical areas, it enables energy-saving and safe air volume control according to needs in fume cupboards.


  • Infinitely-variable measurement of the position of the vertical front sash on laboratory fume cupboards

  • Accurate detection of sash position, with no wear and tear

  • Fast control of the air volume; no oscillation

  • Easy fitting, preferably on the counterweight of the front sash

  • Teach-in function for adjusting the travel of the front sash

  • Easy to program using the SAUTER CASE Sensors software

  • Integrated excess-travel alarm

  • Power cable 2.5 m long, 7 × 0.32 mm2, fixed to housing

  • Fitted with halogen-free cable as standard

  • Remote access and remote maintenance: Commissioning and service via bus or external push-button

  • 3-colour LED status indicator

  • Acoustic status and alarm elements (can be deactivated)

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