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Electric distributor for control signals

FXV 3***

Electric distributor for control signals

How energy efficiency is improved

Distributor for intelligent, energy-efficient control

Areas of use

Distribution of the power supply, the positioning signals and a shared time programme for room devices (analogue or with display) and thermal actuators.


  • For easy wiring of up to 6 or 10 zones in a panel heating system

  • For transferring switching signals from the unitary controllers for heating or heating/cooling

  • Individual forwarding of time commands or night set-back to the appropriate actuators; max. two time channels

  • With pump and boiler control

  • Pump logic with adjustable follow-on time for actuating the circulation pump

  • Integrated valve protection function

  • Input for temperature limiter or dew point monitor

  • LED status indicator

  • Pump control direction switching for NC/NO actuators

  • For connecting up to 18 actuators

  • Cable guidance, standard-compliant cord grip and screwless terminal connections

  • Easy, intuitive wiring and installation

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