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Energy Pack for SAUTER valve actuators: When downtimes are not an option

31 stycznia 2019 | News category

Energy Pack for SAUTER valve actuators: When downtimes are not an option

The energy module for SAUTER vialoq valve actuators enables simple retrofitting of systems for increased safeguarding against downtimes in the event of power disruptions. The super capacitors it uses offer greater flexibility and security in several application environments.

Valve actuators play a vital role in controlling energy flows in all kinds of buildings. And even though modern automation systems consist of an increasingly larger proportion of digital electronics, they can only interact with air and water via mechanical actuators.

Flows need power

Actuators convert electrical power into motion in order to regulate volume flows. But what happens when a fault interrupts the power supply? Until the power supply is restored, a simple valve actuator or perhaps all actuators in the affected part of the building remain in their current positions.

In the most favourable scenario, this will only lead to a waste of resources, but it can also cause critical installation statuses and even wide-ranging damage due to cooling, heating and similar effects. That’s why failsafe valve actuators automatically return to a safe emergency position if the power supply is interrupted.

Previous solution: spring return systems

The electrical actuators widely used today are themselves not equipped with an emergency position. Spring return systems are a solution to this. In these systems, the actuator uses a mechanical spring for tensioning during the setting process, and the actuator is continuously supplied with energy for setting the valve. In the event of a power failure, the spring return system automatically returns the valve actuator back to the starting position.

SAUTER Energy Pack – an advantageous option

An alternative to this is the use of capacitors or, to be more precise in the case of the SAUTER Energy Pack, super capacitors, also known as supercaps. These supercaps are capable of holding an electrical charge, requiring only a very low electric current to do so. If there is a power failure, the actuator can be moved to a specifically chosen emergency position with the energy stored in the supercap.

The new energy module for SAUTER vialoq products can thus move the valve actuator to a predefined open or closed position (emergency position) in the event of a power failure. The system supervisor simply sets a DIP switch to select the required emergency position directly after installation and can adjust it later without any difficulty. This ensures that undefined installation statuses can be avoided.

Simple safety upgrade

The flexible use of the SAUTER Energy Pack means that SAUTER vialoq valve actuators can also be retrofitted. The system status is indicated by an integrated LED and is easy to monitor – the system supervisor can even observe the current system status from a distance.

The SAUTER Energy Pack emergency positioning solution with supercaps offers advantages over spring return systems: It requires less space and is simple to retrofit as well as being replaceable. The stroke direction for the emergency function can be selected freely. Furthermore, the supercaps ensure that the energy storage has a long service life and is lowmaintenance.

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