The new SAUTER product catalogue 2017/18 is available

The new SAUTER product catalogue 2017/18 is available

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For years the SAUTER product catalogue has been an integral part of the company communication. As a central reference volume, it is very popular with customers, sellers and employees alike. The new catalogue 2017/18 is now available in print and digitally as a scrollable e-paper, a convenient e-book and a pdf.

A new SAUTER product catalogue is issued every two years. Over 500-plus pages, more than 200 SAUTER products are presented and described in detail via their technical data. The catalogue is offered in the three SAUTER standard languages of German, English and French, but is also translated into further languages, e.g. Russian or Spanish, by the individual sales subsidiaries.

Clear reference volume for established and new products


Aside from presenting all of the established SAUTER products, the catalogue is also used to introduce the latest new products, such as the B2KL 6-way ball valve, SAUTER ecos504/505 room automation station, ASV 215 VAV compact controller, SAUTER ecos311 room controller or the latest version of the SAUTER Vision Center building management software. Even products that are still in development are included as new members of a product family. The catalogue is divided into the following product categories: 2-point controllers, sensors, controllers, valves, dampers and actuators, HVAC automation and building management software. Detailed descriptions and technical data provide comprehensive information for every product. Tables comparing ranges of similar products are an additional source of information. This clear structure enables the SAUTER product catalogue to always provide a good overview of the entire product range, and as a fast, convenient information tool it is very popular with both customers and employees.

Structured data management thanks to single source publishing


Creating a volume as comprehensive as the SAUTER product catalogue demands not only optimum collaboration between various departments of the company but also the fulfilment of highly technical requirements in managing the data stock. All catalogue components, text modules, pictures and graphics are maintained by the SAUTER editors modularly and media-neutrally in the editing system. Changes and corrections, e.g. to technical data, are made at one central location and automatically forwarded to all of the modules that access it. The separation of content and output media, known as single source publishing, enables easy publication in the different output media.


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As a leading provider of solutions for building automation technology in Green Buildings, SAUTER provides pleasant conditions and a sense of well-being in sustainable environments. SAUTER is a specialist in developing, producing and marketing products and systems for energy-efficient total solutions, and offers a comprehensive range of services to ensure the energy-optimised operation of buildings. Our products, solutions and services enable high energy efficiency throughout the entire life-cycle of a building, from planning and construction through to operation, in office and administrative buildings, research and educational facilities, hospitals, industrial buildings and laboratories, airports, leisure facilities, hotels and data centres. With over 100 years’ experience and a track record of technological expertise, SAUTER is a proven system integrator that stands for continuous innovation and Swiss quality. SAUTER provides users and operators with an overview of energy flows and consumption, and of the development of the costs involved.


The SAUTER Group


  • An international corporation with its headquarters in Basel, Switzerland
  • Founded in 1910, it can rely on more than 100 years of tradition and experience
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