Compact room control for critical environments: SAUTER ASV 215

Compact room control for critical environments: SAUTER ASV 215

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The new VAV compact controller from SAUTER, designed for the high demands of the life sciences field, unites all critical controlling functions in one device. The SAUTER ASV 215 – combined with the fastest integrated valve actuator of any compact air-volume controller – is a world’s first.

Sealed rooms like those used in the field of contemporary life sciences place ever higher technical demands on regulatory components and cannot be controlled by conventional systems. Multiple control loops and devices are often needed to handle all the functions. SAUTER developed the new ASV 215 VAV compact controller to unite every function into one device and optimise their co-ordination with the stringent controls of critical life sciences applications in mind.

All in one


Besides controlling volume flow, the SAUTER ASV 215 VAV compact controller also regulates higher-level room functions such as room pressure. Installation and commissioning couldn’t be easier. Plug-in terminals make connecting the device a snap. No programming is required for start-up thanks to the integrated software. The compact design of the SAUTER ASV 215 requires minimal space. This means less work commissioning, storing, planning and servicing and a drastic reduction in project processing times and costs.

The SAUTER ASV 215 can operate as a stand-alone controller or be integrated into higher-level building automation systems via BACnet.

Guaranteed precision


The SAUTER ASV 215 guarantees utmost precision in maintaining necessary controls for regulating room pressure, fume cupboards and laboratory controls in all critical applications.

The actuator motor’s remarkably fast running time of only 3 seconds makes the SAUTER ASV 215 the only compact VAV controller in the world with this high speed. It is therefore suitable for any critical environment – from laboratories and clean rooms to operating theatres or hospital wards.

The VAV compact controller from SAUTER can be expanded with operating devices such as the SAUTER FCCP 200 for displays and operation and integrated into an overall building automation system with a SAUTER ecos504 room controller, for example, therefore providing comprehensive and energy-efficient room and fume-cupboard control.


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