novaFlex, universal controller




The novaFlex EYR 203 and EYR 207 universal controllers are part of the EY3600 family of systems. They provide the ability to monitor, optimise and control HVAC installations. The field modules needed for the installation can be connected directly to the automation station. The EYR 203 has a total of 18 inputs and 10 outputs at its disposal, while the EYR 207 has a total of 20 inputs and 10 outputs. Apart from a controls library, there are time- and calendar-dependent functions and a facility for recording historical data etc. The unit is programmed (parameterised) using a PC with the CASE software and the CASE FBD Editor as per IEC 1131-3.

Technical Description

  • Power supply: 24 V~
  • Digital inputs: 8 (2 counters)
  • Digital outputs: 2x 0-I, 2x 0-I-II
  • Analogue inputs: 7x Ni/Pt1000 (EYR 207), 5x Ni/Pt1000 (EYR 203), 5x 0...10 V
  • Analogue outputs: 4x 0...10 V
  • Interfaces (communication): a/b terminals on main pcb, 1x RJ11 socket, 1x RJ45 socket