nova 106, drivercard DO


The EYX168 DO driver card is part of the EY3600 nova106 family of systems. It is used in conjunction with a nova106 rack to create modular automation stations with outlying field modules. The EYX168 controls external single- and dual-stage field modules of the type novaLink164 or 165. The EYX168 assumes the communication function with the field modules (such as forwarding the switching commands or receiving the feedback signals) and also supplies them with power. The field module is connected via the novaLink point-to-point connection. This connection permits distances of up to 100 metres between the field module and the driver card.

Technical Description

  • Power supply: from rack
  • Current consumption max.:220 mA
  • Output: 8 x 0-I, 8 x 0-I-II, 2 x EYY 164,  4 x EYY 165